February 25, 2012

It was a tiring week for me (2)...

Friday (24/02/2012)
it was my friend, Nur Shuhada Abdul Manaf's birthday..so we went to celebrate her birthday at Mid Valley Megamall..even it was a late invitation for me..but, i still went there with them to celebrate it..so here the pictures..it weren't that good as i use my 1.3 megapixels phone's camera..=(

birthday girl ^^

fish and chips (RM16.90)

cheesy fries ^^

mushroom soup

tissue ^^

non alcoholic drink..IT WAS LEMON ICE TEA..

again to Nur Shuhada bt Abdul Manap..Happy Belated Birthday..don't forget to send me your wedding invitation's card..hehehe ^^..have a blast dear

p/s: today i've B.I.G..but i'm not sleeping yet..oh NOOO...

It was a tiring week for me...

i won't write long..i'll just make it SIMPLE AND PRECISE..not running around any bushes..okayh..
this week is totally a chaotic week for me..i had to use all my energy..and need entertainment plus enough rest to recover..

1. Thursday (23/2/2012)

before the game
  • i had a netball match..and my group was one of the senior group who were participated in that match..i don't have any picture to upload regarded to the tournament..maybe later on when i got the pictures i'll update it here..for that day..i'm not sure whether i was participated in a NETBALL tournament or RUGBY tournament..because the other team were playing really aggressive..and most of my team members were injured..including me..
  • what i don't like about that tournament..
    1. there were no QUALIFY referees
    2. the FIRST AIDS members were not efficient enough..
    3. the management were not effective..(maybe because it was their first time to organize such event)
    4. there were NO MILO BOYS/GIRLS.
    • those were the main points about the weaknesses of the tournament FROM MY POINT OF VIEW..but, still those JUNIORS had done their best..
after all my team still won a place..this was the FIRST  time we won a tournament even it was a 2nd PLACE.. ^^


February 15, 2012

My New Baby ^^

okayh..allowance comes in and money flow out..hahaha..that's life..okayh..back to the story..i just bought my new babies..hehehe..i have 2..

this is the first one..

my new sneakers..hehehe..mine is the black one..

the second one is this guitar..it is black in colour..

now i'm trying hardly to learn the chords and how to change the chords..it isn't that easy though..

 just bare with it..^^

February 9, 2012

Down to the Memory Lane

when i was a high school student. my junior introduce me to these comics, ARENA and KREKO..

usually i just borrow those comics from her and read..in these comics there are lot of mangas..but, it were episodic and you have to buy each series to be able to understand the story line of the manga..so, sometime i have to skip some of the part as my junior didn't buy the comics..hehehe..

but, todays is the ICT world. now i'm able to read online those mangas that i used to read..some of the mangas that i like are..

Eyeshield 21

Detective Conan

Prince of Tennis

Hikaru No Go

February 8, 2012

I'm Proud To Be A Malaysian

yesterday, i went to KL Sentral to have lunch there with my friends. it happened that on our way back to collage, as we waited for the LRT there was a young boy wearing Harimau Malaya's jersey..that wasn't really the case. the problem was, i don't think he is a Malaysian. and i'm 100% sure of that. HE IS A FOREIGNER but he was wearing a Harimau Malaya's jersey. you know it's a rare things to see. and it might be 1 of a millions. besides, some of the Malaysian not really proud to wear other football teams; jersey rather than their own country. INCLUDING ME.  i'm not saying that i'm not proud to be a Malaysian. but, i don't really have faith in them. yet still i wish the best for them. i know they have the chance but maybe it's still not our time..sooner or later the opportunities will come..back to the story, i'm kind of sad cause i didn't manage to snap the boy pic..sigh

my little brother

February 4, 2012

The Longest Match

i know this kind of late..but still i want to talk about it..you know every year The Australian Open will be the first tournament to start with..usually all the famous and talented tennis player will be there to compete for the title..and this year, the final between Men's Single competition had caught a lot of attention as it was the match between the number 1 seed, Novak Djokovik (Serbia) and the 2nd, Rafael Nadal (Spain)..

Djokovic VS Nadal

and guess who's the winner..??of course the number 1 seed..Djokovic. they play for 5 sets  (5-7, 6-4, 6-2, 6-7, 7-5) and it took 5 hours and 53 minutes before we were able to know who the champion was..it's tiring wasn't it..but, the match was worth to watch..

anyway, congratulation Djokovic..

p/s: i wish if i could watch this amazing game..to L. Paes and R. Stepanek (unseeded) ..you guys awesome as you're able to beat the twins, Bryan (No.1)

My 4th Artwork

last Thursday, my classmates and I did our 4th artwork..to do it we had to use recycle things and any related things that we had in our surrounding..most of us used leaves as our motive..we arranged those leaves on a manila card paper and then sprayed it using our own creativity..so, this is how it look like..


i did this twice because i'm not really satisfied with my first one,


i didn't manage to snap more pics as i put my whole concentration on my 2nd one..but, there were more picture of my friends' works in Bella's blog..i wish if there were more colour sprays..